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Mac Civils Ltd does not tolerate, permit, or engage in bribery, corruption, or improper payments of any kind in our business dealings, both with public officials and people in the private sector. Ethical behaviour is in the long-term interests of our company.


We are committed to the following key Anti Bribery and Corruption principles:


  • We will carry out business fairly, honestly and openly.


  • We will not give or offer any money, gift, hospitality, or other advantage to any person carrying out a business or public role, or to a third party associated with that person, or to any foreign official to get them to do something improper or influence them to our business advantage.


  • We will not use intermediaries or contractors for the purpose of committing acts of bribery.


  • We do not allow employees to accept money, gifts, hospitality and other advantages from business associates, actual or potential suppliers, or service providers which are intended to influence a business decision or transaction in some improper way.


  • Any employee found to be in breach of these principles will face disciplinary action.


  • No employee will suffer demotion, penalty, or other adverse consequence for refusing to pay bribes, even if it may result in the company losing business.


  • We will avoid doing business with others who do not commit to conducting business without bribery.


  • We will have adequate procedures in place to ensure that all employees understand the implications of the Bribery Act 2010 and our procedures. We will have appropriate mechanisms in place to record any problems.


  • Any concerns relating to a breach of the Policy should be reported to your Line Manager, or the Managing Director.



This policy will be made available to any interested parties upon request.

* This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis and any amendments communicated to the relevant personnel

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